All that’s new in the Bing Ads universe

No one’s reading your emails on mobile Do this.
No one’s reading your emails on mobile? Do this.
December 7, 2017
What were Indians searching for in 2017
What were Indians searching for in 2017?
December 15, 2017

All that’s new in the Bing Ads universe

Bing Ads got a ton of new features over the last month. How many are you aware of?
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We love how Bing Ads keeps adding nifty li’l features to make the lives of marketers stress-free. A plethora of new capabilities have been added over the past month based on what shoppers are demanding and, of course, to simplify the daily campaign management workflow. Here’s what you may have missed:

Offline Conversion Import

Are you missing out on phone sales that are a direct result of a search query? Bing Ads now gives you an option to connect offline sales with online activity by interoperating with call-tracking systems (CTS) via an Offline Conversion Import tool and related set of APIs. Bing Ads has already partnered with CallTrackingMetrics for this feature, and is looking for more partners to come onboard and help improve reporting insights.

Oracle DMP integration

Bing Ads’ Custom Audiences feature, which allows marketers to use their own data for targeted advertisements, can now be integrated with Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP). So, you can easily orchestrate retargeting campaigns based on criteria like top spenders, recent purchasers, duration of customer membership, etc.

Improved automated bidding

Bing Ads has been revitalizing its bidding strategies of late and this feature builds on that. While earlier, manual bid adjustments were not taken into account in automated-bidding decisions, whatever bid adjustments you do now will be considered while deciding which ads to show to which audiences in automated bidding. All bid adjustments can be used with this feature, such as geography device type, time and day, demography, and audience.

Power-packed Opportunities Tab

Bing Ads Opportunities Tab has received a complete makeover over the last few months. After getting powerful capabilities like bid adjustments, extensions, and conversion-based opportunities, this feature is now updated with sitelink extensions and ad scheduling and keyword bid adjustment opportunities. We love how the new design makes understanding recommendations better!

Search and Budget Opportunities

This feature makes managing campaigns even easier on the go. Search allows you to see the details about any account, campaign, ad group, or keyword on your Bing Ads mobile app. And Budget Opportunities lets you tackle budget limitations directly from your mobile device. The app will even tell you how many more clicks and impressions you can expect by adding to your budget.

Shopping campaigns

Following the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Australia, Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) have now been launched in Canada and India. This means that Indian and Canadian shoppers can now expect a more engaging product search experience with Bing Ads. Retailers can add more impact to their ads by showcasing the products they want to push out first.

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