No one’s reading your emails on mobile? Do this.

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No one’s reading your emails on mobile? Do this.

If your emails are not optimized for handheld devices, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity
No one’s reading your emails on mobile Do this.

First things first. If your click-through rate for emails on mobile is less than 25%, you’re in trouble. In a mobile-first world, where audiences prefer to consume information instantly, an email marketing campaign which is not giving you results on mobile is a huge missed opportunity. According to a 2016 Litmus study, 54% of people opened emails on their mobiles first, 30% preferred Webmail, and a mere 16% opted for Desktop email options.

So, why are people not opening your emails or reading them on mobile? The most likely reason is that you haven’t optimized your emails for mobile. And research shows that more than two-thirds of the people will simply delete an email which is not optimized for their handheld device. This blog post will tell you the most likely reasons behind your low click-through rates and what you can do to rectify that.

Your subject line is boring

If your subject line is too sales-oriented or if your readers see the subject trailing off into ellipses without telling them what to expect in the body, there’s a good chance that the email will remain unopened. Keep the subject line short (definitely under 30-40 characters) and sassy, and personalize it as much as you can. Personal and emotional words work well to entice the readers. A trending pop culture reference will increase your chances of getting a response even more.

Your ‘from’ doesn’t have a human touch

Are you sending out emails from addresses like or People like to receive emails from real people, not automated bots. Think about it: Would you rather receive an email from Zone One Digital or Jyotsna at Zone One Digital? A first name followed by a business name strikes the perfect balance needed to create sender familiarity in the minds of the readers. Personalized emails like these have the potential of taking your open rate up by almost 30%!

Your font size requires a microscope

When you work as hard on the content of the email as you do, don’t you think it’s important that the recipient should be comfortable reading it? While the iPhone automatically resizes any font it receives for the reader’s comfort, not all mobile devices are that kind. So, don’t force your readers to pinch-to-zoom, because hey, the majority of them simply wouldn’t! Generally, a 22 pt font for the headline and 14 pt for the body works well for smaller screens.

Your CTA needs work

Even if your emails get read, the battle isn’t won until the recipient clicks on your link. A big and beautiful CTA button (at least 40 x 40 pixels) is a good way to attract a thumb push. Text hyperlinks should be avoided because they neither stand out nor are they as colorful as an actual CTA button could be. Keep you CTA relevant to the key messaging, targeted to what your readers want, and simply tell them what to do to achieve that.

To realize the full potential of email marketing campaigns, you need to spend time on carefully crafting its content, designing it in an attractive manner for both mobile and Web, and disseminating at a time when the recipients are most likely to respond. If that sounds too complicated, you can always take assistance from an email marketing company with a proven track record in conversion rate optimization services. Write to us at and we’d be glad to help!

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