3 Things You May Be Doing Wrong with Your PPC Account

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3 Things You May Be Doing Wrong with Your PPC Account

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When it comes to maximizing the opportunities in ad platforms, we strive to target the most relevant audience with appropriate keywords and apt ad placement. We want to make sure that the best-performing ads and keywords are being served up to the target audience. But some bad practices – which you don’t even realize are bad for you – may be hampering your PPC account from performing at its best. Let’s find out what they are:

1. Spending Outside Targeted Locations

Unless you have already paid a visit to advanced location options in your campaign manager, chances are you will spot clicks which have come from outside the geotargeted locations that were chosen by you. Select the ‘people in your targeted locations’ option to ensure that a person seeing your advertisement is physically present in the desired geographical location. Paying for clicks which have come from regions where you do not intend to market is an easily-avoidable unnecessary cost.

2. Leaving Ad Rotation On

The ‘Rotate Indefinitely’ setting in Google AdWords, known as ‘Rotate ads more evenly’ in Bing Ads, is something which, in Google’s own words, is not recommended for most advertisers. This is because leaving ad rotation on will lead to lower quality ads being shown to users as frequently as those advertisements that are performing best for you. Therefore, while you may use this feature to test your ad creative initially, but once the test period is over, you must go back to settings to turn it off.

3. Negative Keywords

The most common mistake most people make is to add negative keywords as exact matches instead of a broad match. Yes, we know, Google suggests to put all negative keywords revealed in search term reports in the exact match format as a default, but doing this limits your scope of capturing search volume. Instead, proactively generate negative keywords and put them in a shared list. This way, you would be able to update the search terms in all campaigns in one go.

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