3 Costly Link-Building SEO Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now

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3 Costly Link-Building SEO Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now

In-house SEO practitioners must avoid these mistakes to stop missing out on valuable opportunities
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When it comes to building links with SEO, even the most experienced professionals can get it wrong. The online ecosystem is so dynamic that if something worked for you in one quarter, there is no guarantee that the same practice will get you comparable results in the next one. In this post, we will discuss some common link-building mistakes that in-house SEO practitioners must avoid to stop missing out on valuable opportunities.

Mimicking the Competition

Thinking that having the same links as your competitor will help your site rank is a misconception. Though it’s a good idea to scan your competitors’ websites to understand what kind of links work in your niche, but mimicking their exact profile will only help you reach a dead-end with your targets. Therefore, your link profile must be built out of your own strengths and content strategy.

Not Personalizing Pitches

Sure, using the same one-line pitch for each site owner is very convenient, to say the least, it will not get you the desired response from site owners. There are so many standard, run-of-the-mill personalization templates available online that site owners can tell a half-hearted attempt at customization from a mile away. You need to approach website owners in the same manner that you would approach a customer – buy studying their profiles, reading into their likes and dislikes and building a unique persona for them.

Ignoring Trends and Seasonality

It’s important to remember that a piece of content will reach its peak only once. So, you need to be meticulous about the timing of its promotion. If you believe an idea would do better during the upcoming holiday season or when the first snow falls, put it away till then. Seasonal hooks like sports events or election times are known to make even mediocre content widely successful. After all, why would a journalist or another site owner link to your topical content if it’s not trending?

Slip-ups are only the tip of the iceberg. Hiring the best SEO company in Noida can help you avoid many such mistakes and help your website reach top rankings. To gain from the best SEO services in Noida, contact us here.

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