How to Make Sure Your Facebook Lead Ads Convert

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How to Make Sure Your Facebook Lead Ads Convert

While there is no doubt that Facebook Lead Ads are a great tool to collect remarketing information such as email addresses and other contacts details of a prospect
Facebook Lead Ads

While there is no doubt that Facebook Lead Ads are a great tool to collect remarketing information such as email addresses and other contacts details of a prospect, it is possible to ramp up the conversion rate for clients also using Facebook Lead Ads. Today, we are sharing some handy tips to help you get the most from the lead forms hosted on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Hyper-targeting

Once you have set up a Lead Ad campaign by defining your marketing message and choosing which information you want to gather, you need to make sure you are targeting a different audience group with each Lead Ad. Hyper-targeting is important because it will widen the exposure of your ads and get you most qualified prospects. For leads of lesser value, you can always choose the manual bidding option. Also, make sure your campaigns run at a time when your target audience is most active on the platform.

2. Lookalike Audiences

One surefire way of taking the CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) down is to go for Lookalike Audiences. This target group will be based on existing customers, previous website visitors, or those who have responded to you advertisements in the past. Targeting Lookalike Audiences is important because in Facebook Lead Ads you do not create buyer persons with dedicated characteristics of a prospect. However, make sure that you set up boundaries for a user’s interests, location, income, occupation, etc.

3. Unique Incentives

While creating ads for lead acquisition, remember to keep the ad copy more informative in nature rather than as a straight-out call to buy a product. Therefore, in return for a person’s contact information, you need to provide them with an incentive like a newsletter, discount coupon, free sample, early access to a product or service, etc. Here, you must specify that the user will be able to avail these benefits only when they complete the lead form and provide you with the information you require about a potential client.

4. Design Focus

Since people are more attracted to catchy imagery rather than a stellar text copy, you need to focus on the visuals of your advertisement and grab their attention in the first go. Moreover, a research by Nielsen has revealed that the first 10 seconds of a video has the capacity to earn almost three-fourths of an ad campaign’s total value. So, you can try using short videos also to boost engagement. Ensure that each image reflects the aesthetics of your brands to the fullest and a human element is shown interacting with your products. That said, don’t forget to check the image for relevancy in context to the text and your CTA.

5. Keep it Simple

Keeping your lead form as short and simple as possible will get you the maximum results. You can ask up to 15 questions in Facebook Lead Ads, but most successful campaigns don’t venture beyond two or three questions. For example, if an email address and a phone number are all you need to follow up with a client, limit your form to those fields only. Focus on showcasing your value instead of going after power words to get someone to sign-up.

And lastly, do not forget to follow-up with prospects using the information you have collected. Your CRM account must be linked to your ad campaign to facilitate this process. Now, if you are ready to leverage this highly-effective tool to generate new sales target, get in touch with the best social media agency in Delhi/NCR today!

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