Why Brands Ought to Focus on Building User-Friendly Apps

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April 29, 2019
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Why Brands Ought to Focus on Building User-Friendly Apps

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Not too long back, the meaning of online or web presence for businesses used to be confined to a website but not anymore. That’s because the majority of web traffic originates from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets on which, it is way easier to access a seller through an app rather than through a conventional website. Zone One Media, a top digital marketing company in Noida, develops all kinds of apps for businesses. A well-designed app enables customers to easily access all necessary information about a brand or merchant because it is specifically designed to function optimally on a mobile device.

Web traffic from mobile is high in India

India is one of those countries where web traffic from mobile devices is very high at around 80%. It makes India a special case because it has the second largest population in the world with one of the fastest rate mobile of internet penetration. For a top digital marketing company in Delhi NCR like Zone One, the challenges are many and varied especially because India also has the fastest rate of economic growth among the major economies. Startups, or new businesses are emerging at great speed, bringing in an ever larger number of products and services to the consumer. They need app meeting numerous specifications.

New age businesses with online marketing strategies

Most of these businesses enter the market with an online marketing strategy in which, their app plays a pivotal role. For a top digital marketing company in Noida, like Zone One Media, the challenges are worthwhile as it has the opportunity to develop apps for numerous businesses with varied range of requirements. Mobile apps allow businesses to offer a much more personalized experience to their customers just like email marketing does although apps offer much greater scope. The scope of personalization on mobile apps is actually a blend of what emails and microsites offer in their own special ways.

Zone One is a top digital marketing company in Delhi NCR that has the talent pool and experience to deliver a wide range of customizations on apps that fast-growing businesses may require.

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