How To Promote Your Local Business On Facebook in 4 Simple Steps

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How To Promote Your Local Business On Facebook in 4 Simple Steps

These practical tips for promoting local business on Facebook will help you generate more leads and drive people to your store
local business on Facebook

Facebook has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users. How you get your business page in front of these users will determine whether you are able to drive people to your storefront or if your social media exercise is futile. So, how do you promote your local business on Facebook? Here are some tips…

1) Boost a Facebook Post

If you are offering a limited-time discount or running a promotion in your store, this can be one of the most efficient ways to get your brand name out there and stay on top of the mind of your target audience. Create a Facebook post detailing the offer and boost it to make sure it is seen by more people than usual. Make sure the post has a clear call-to-action and encourages people to act on it with a sense of urgency.

2) Create a Location Page

Whether you have only one store at a specific location or multiple stores in different locations, establishing your presence with a Facebook Location page can be great for your business. Not only will it allow your customers to find you faster, you can also publish content tailored for a particular location and develop customized advertising for that location.

3) Local Business Promotion

Earlier known as Local Awareness advertising, Local Business Promotion often works better than boosted Facebook posts. This is because while the posts concentrate on people who are more likely to respond to posts, Local Business Promotion reaches out to even those people who do not engage on Facebook very actively, i.e., passive users.

4) Location-centric Video Content

It’s no secret that Facebook loves video content. So, why not leverage that factor to create videos which attract attention to the location of your business? For example, a tour of your store or behind-the-scenes video of your employees. You can also highlight any new products or services you have with such videos, apart from sharing the details of any ongoing promotions.

Now that you know how you can promote your local business on Facebook, go out there and try these simple but super effective tips!

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