Bing Ads’ New Features Are Powered by AI and Machine Learning

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July 13, 2018
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September 24, 2018

Bing Ads’ New Features Are Powered by AI and Machine Learning

Read to know all about the new updates from Bing Ads that aim to evolve your digital marketing toolkit
Bing Ads’ New Features Are Powered by AI and Machine Learning

For Team Bing, one of the chief concerns for 2018 has been to take performance reporting for digital marketers to the next level. While evolving technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are making strides in many industries, there are still a lot of unmet needs across the digital advertising landscape that still need to be addressed. These updates by Bing Ads aim to tackle some of the issues pertaining to pay per click advertising services:

Competition Tab

If you are looking to gain insights about your competitors, Bing’s new Competition Tab has made that possible with only a click. Not only will you be able to see which advertisements by your competitors are faring well, but you will also get to know why. You will also be able to see your historical performance vis-à-vis your competition. Bing will also give you custom advice to improve your search rankings.

Performance Insights

Whenever website traffic displays an unusual trend – be it an increase or a decrease – marketers spend a lot of time analyzing data to understand the root cause of that drastic change. Bing’s new machine learning based algorithms take the usual performance characteristics of your campaign into account to give you possible reasons behind the difference in traffic.

It should, however, be noted that it takes some time for machine learning algorithms to understand the expected performance patterns and you will be able to see this feature roll out for you only after a few months.

Location Targeting

The new location-based suggestions feature is a part of Bing’s new recommendation platform. This brilliant platform analyzes similar advertising campaigns to zero down on the best practices adopted by competitors. In location targeting, Bing Ads will suggest you locations that have historically proven to have a good success rate for your competitors. This recommendation will be offered only wherever you have an option to manage location targets, and you will not be recommended any location which is outside of the area of your business.

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