Why Your Hotel or Resort Needs PPC Services

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Why Your Hotel or Resort Needs PPC Services

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As the owner of a hotel/resort or a marketer in the hospitality industry, you may be an exception to the rule, but here’s one question you should ask your friends or acquaintances from other professions: How often do they find themselves making plans for their next vacation?

Their answer might surprise you! A research by Google reveals that at least 37% of people in the United States alone think about vacation planning at least once a month. More than 17% think about it at least once a week. These dreamers are always looking for information about what’s possible activities can they do at a destination.

But, do you know what keywords they are using in these holiday searches? Or are you aware of different ways people search in different countries? And how many times do you think your property features in these results?

Targeted pay-per-click services or paid search advertising is one of the most effective yet underutilized tools a hospitality business can leverage to generate leads and create brand awareness. By availing the best PPC services in India, your property can be seen across the Internet in Display Ads, Video Ads, Search Ads, and App Ads.

Why choose Zone One Digital?

Big agencies have interns clicking away on PPC automation software, managing hundreds of hotels at the same time. They will neither give your campaign the personal attention it deserves, nor prepare a unique strategy for it. We, at Zone One Digital, believe the road to success doesn’t have any shortcuts. So, we guarantee:

Speedy results: Your customized campaign will be up and running within a single day.

Control on purse strings: You can track every single penny spent on the campaign and measure results.

Local or global search radius: We give you complete autonomy over the countries you want to reach out to.

Quality checks: We adjust bids and test campaigns on a daily basis to give you the best results.

Don’t wait! To get started on your journey of pay-per-click advertising services, contact us here.

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