Top Free Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

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January 2, 2019
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Top Free Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

Explore how you can increase likes, shares, and comments on a Facebook brand page in 2019
Facebook Business Page

Every organization strives to increase likes, shares, and comments on their Facebook business page in an organic manner, but only a few succeed. Does that mean you cannot hope to grow engagement on a brand page without taking a sizeable chunk from your precious marketing budget pie? Not necessarily. There are plenty of ways that we, as the best social media agency in Delhi/NCR, have found useful to get more people to talk about a brand on Facebook. Here are some of our top picks you can give a try in 2019:

  • Make sure your page’s branding and design are of top-notch quality. People visiting your page will only take a split second to decide whether they want to follow you or not. A high-quality, professional-looking page will get more engagement.
  • Showcase your presence and authority in your domain by interacting with other pages in your niche. Post comments using your brand page instead of a personal profile. When someone asks for your URL on a blog comment, link to your Facebook page.
  • Images still rule when it comes to capturing the attention of the target audience. Shake things up in 2019 by posting multiple images instead of a single one and leveraging infographic content to increase engagement. Better still, start posting captivating video content to get maximum likes, shares, and comments from your followers.
  • Ask your employees to link to your brand page as the place of employment in their personal profiles. This way, your brand will get visibility among their friends and family.
  • Shorter posts are known to generate more traction from followers; so keep posts between 100-120 characters. There are studies that have, in fact, even pushed for 40-character posts for maximum engagement.
  • Use Facebook Insights to see what kind of content is getting you maximum engagement and highest reach, and push out that type of content more often.
  • Tag real people and pages in your posts. Not only will your post show up on their walls and pages, but this activity will also speak of your interests and tell your audience you are not just a faceless commercial entity.
  • Post non-promotional content regularly so that your page doesn’t look like an advertising platform dedicated to your products or services. Audience engagement will go up only when they see something relevant to their interests. Pay attention to what others in the industry are talking about and offer your unique insights on topical subjects.
  • Get more visibility for your business page on Facebook by sharing its link on all other marketing collaterals: brochures, business cards, print ads, and even email signatures.
  • Consider partnering with complimentary pages in your niche to cross-promote posts and help each other build up audiences.
  • If you have a WordPress site, you can leverage Facebook Comments plugin to enable Facebook commenting on your website and hike up engagement.

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