Overlooking Email Marketing is Not Wise as it Still Delivers the Best Results

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Overlooking Email Marketing is Not Wise as it Still Delivers the Best Results

Overlooking Email Marketing

At a time when the impact of social media is felt so strongly across different walks of life including the world of business, not many would consider the importance of email marketing. Zone One Media, a top digital marketing company in Noida, optimally uses email marketing to achieve highly effective results for its clients across different industries. A staggering 2.5 billion people across the world use email, sending out over 196 billion emails every day, of which 55% account for business communication. Email marketing offers businesses the opportunity to communicate directly to their audience, right in their inbox, making it personalized and convenient for them.

Acquisition and retention of customers

Let’s consider two of the most critical parameters of successful marketing – customer acquisition and retention. On both the parameters email marketing is clearly a cut above all other digital marketing methods with 81% acquisition and 80% retention. Organic search is a distant second with 62% acquisition while in retention social media with 44% is even further down. This need not be seen in any satirical sense as every method has its own utility as well as its limitations. The fundamental nature of email marketing is personalized communication, which is preferred by most people receiving purchase offers.

Need to use email marketing carefully

Even good things turn ineffective or bad if they are overdone and this exception applies to email marketing as much as it applies to other methods. First, it needs to be appreciated that an email address is somebody’s personal space where any intrusive communication will not be seen favourably. Therefore, it’s really important that all email marketing messages are friendly and personable and not unnecessarily persistent. If some folks don’t want to receive your emails and make such a request, no further emails should be sent to them.

Choosing messages and recipients carefully

As the most effective digital marketing method, which looks good enough to retain its top position in the immediate future, email marketing is still the best bet to build relationships. As a top digital marketing company in Noida, Zone One Media adopts email marketing strategies that are based on the fundamental premise that email messages and recipients ought to be chosen carefully. That’s because building long and enduring relationships with prospects, leads and most importantly, existing customers is critical for the success of any organization. When messages are carefully chosen along with a verified list of people who are likely to find them useful, it won’t amount to unnecessary intrusion into anybody’s personal space.

Some important insights on email marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly the most cost-effective digital marketing method and analyses show that when calculated for every dollar spent on email marketing, the ROI is more than twice that of all other digital marketing methods. This is where the impact of personalized communication of email marketing makes the right impact at the right place. People respond more readily to personalized email messages because serious matters like making a purchase decision are indeed personal.

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